Laboratory plasma cleaner and etcher

Laboratory plasma systems for plasma etching, surface cleaning, and activation. Fully automatic with the latest process control technology.

Plasma cleaner, plasma asher, plasma etching equipment, plasma cleaning system
Remote plasma sources, plasma cleaner

Remote plasma sources

Remote plasma source to generate oxygen, hydrogen, CF4, SF6, ambient air plasma.

Remove hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon contamination inside SEM, FIB, TEM, XPS, and other high vacuum chambers. Reduce carbon deposition. Clean samples and chamber before ALD, epitaxial growth. Improve interface quality and reduce defects

TEM Storage Front

TEM Holder Vacuum Storage

Vacuum pumping station for TEM specimen holder, store six TEM specimen holders, each silo can be individually pumped or vented

Multipurpose chamber

Multipurpose chamber can be used as sample chamber for remote plasma source or SEM, TEM sample or holder storage chamber

Gas mixer

Mixing up to three process gases for remote plasma source. 0-100sccm gas flow rate. One additional venting port. Touchscreen controller

Ion source

High brightness, miniature, inductively coupled plasma ion source for micromachining, ion milling, plasma FIB

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“I would be delighted to be a reference. You can forward my details to them and I’m happy to show them your system as well as give a demo, or just answer any questions they may have. So far, the Tergeo-plus system has been extremely well received.”

– Dr. Kal Banger, The Rowland Institute at the Harvard University

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“The cleaner has been installed and is working very well so far. It’s a great tool, very versatile and user friendly.” Dr. Matthew S. Hunt purchased three plasma systems from PIE Scientific so far.

– Dr. Matthew S. Hunt, Kavli Nanoscience Institute at Caltech

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The Tergeo cleaner allows us to realize a simple PDMS‐glass bonding process in a very efficient way. The integrated electronics save space and the touch screen is responsive and convenient enough. The treatment works very well and a curing step in an oven to improve the bonding efficiency is no longer needed

– Dr. Marc Fouet at Department of Molecular & Cell Biology, UC-Berkeley


Everything is working great! I am quite happy with the plasma cleaner. I find it quite flexible for TEM holders, holders with samples, grids, etc. I have used it successfully with a very gentle remote plasma source setting to regularly clean the tuning samples for aberration-corrected STEM.

– Dr. James C. Mabon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign