Plasma cleaning, etching equipment, and SEM/TEM sample cleaning and storage solutions

Tergeo Tabletop Plasma Cleaners

Generate oxygen, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and ambient air plasma to ash photoresist, descum after patterning, remove hydrocarbon and other types of surface organic coatings or contaminations, change surface energy and improve the bonding strength. Tergeo series plasma systems are laboratory tabletop plasma system. The maximum chamber diameter is 160mm (6.3 inch). Here are some typical applications:

Integrated circuit chip cleaning before wire bonding and packaging.

TEM and SEM sample cleaning for hydrocarbon contamination removal.

Plasma treatment for hydrophilic or hydrophobic surface wettability.

Surface preparation to improve epoxy/glue bonding strength.

Glass and optical fiber heads cleaning for optics, laser and communication.

Improve wettability for MEMS microfluidics devices.

Photoresist ashing and descum after patterning.

Device decapsulation for failure analysis.

Contact lens, medical implant and other type medical device surface treatment and activation

Remote Plasma Cleaner for SEM, FIB, TEM, XPS, and Deposition Systems

Downstream plasma source can be used to generate ambient air (N2+O2), oxygen, argon+oxygen, argon+hydrogen, CF4, NF3 type plasma. The radical generated in the remote plasma source can be used to remove hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon contaminations inside the downstream vacuum chambers and the samples placed inside the chamber.

In-situ sample cleaning for FE-SEM, FIB and TEM

Contamination removal for semiconductor equipment, such as CD-SEM, EBR, EBI, EUVL.

High vacuum chamber cleaning to remove hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon contamination.

Reduce pumping downtime for extreme-high vacuum (EHV) and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) chamber.

Chamber and sample cleaning for XPS, SIMS, AES and atom probe.

Chamber and sample cleaning for ALD, and other film deposition and coating equipment.

Multipurpose Chamber

The multipurpose chamber can be configured for different applications with external accessories such as EM-KLEEN remote plasma source and/or TEM specimen holder adapters. EM-KLEEN remote plasma source can be used to generate oxygen & hydrogenradicals using air, O2, or H2 gas for sample cleaning and surface activation. If the chamber is equipped with TEM specimen holder adapters, it can accept atotal of six TEM specimen holders from Thermo-Fisher, JEOL, and Hitachi. Then it can be used as a vacuum storage station. Of course, the EM-KLEEN plasma source can also be taken out and installed on an SEM, TEM, FIB, XPS, and other high vacuum chambers.

TEM Specimen Holder Vacuum Storage Station

TEM specimen holder vacuum pumping station can store up to six specimen holders under the vacuum condition to help the sample and holder outgas, remove water condensation, and keep the specimen and the holder clean and dry. It can also be used for leak check on the specimen holders.

High Brightness Ion Sources

In collaboration with the ion beam technology group in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, we develop many high brightness ion sources based on ICP plasma source technologies. Our technical staff can provide customized design specifically optimized for your applications. Our technologies includes: low pressure ion source for sealed tube application; low energy spread (<2eV) muticusp ion source; miniaturized ion source etc.

High Resolution Electron and Ion Optics Design Service

Our technical staff have decades of experience in designing electron and ion columns capable of sub-nm resolution. We are experienced in designing charged particle optics with MEBS, EGUN, IGUN and Opera simulation software. We can simulation electrostatic and magnetic lenses and deflectors and other customized 3D structures with space charge effect and stochastic charge interaction effect included. Please contact us to discuss your requirement and our capability.